All symptoms went away of TIA within 2 hours and I fully recovered on my own

Unsure of what was happening

On Monday (6/29) I was starting to do cardio on the elliptical, about 10 minutes into the warm up, I went to take a sip of water from the straw and the water spilled out the left side of my mouth. Unsure of what was happening, I attempted to raise my left hand to wipe the water off. Although, I knew what I wanted my hand to do, my coordination was off and it could not reach my mouth. I got off the elliptical and sat on the floor for a few minutes wondering what was going on. Attempted to call my boyfriend, but the noise coming out of my mouth was slurred, mumbled, and incomprehensible. Immediately he FaceTimed me and noticed that the left side of my face was paralyzed. We called the ambulance and they rushed me to the ER. All symptoms went away within 2 hours and I fully recovered on my own. I stayed in the hospital for 2 nights and had a full battery of tests including CAT scan, EKG, EEG, angiogram, MRI with contrast, and full panel bloodwork. All tests came back negative and there is no evidence of cardiovascular disease. Yet, due to the symptoms, I was diagnosed with a TIA. I don’t fall under any of the high risk factors, I am 40 y/o, normal weight, workout regularly, never smoked, social drinker, and no family history of strokes. Yet here I am trying to figure out how to prevent this from happening again, but not knowing where to start.


Jennifer de Vries
Keep a log of any questions you may have and discuss with your health care provider/specialist. Many of us who have experienced at TIA have no known cause or have no risk factors. It’s normal to be tired and anxious and the worry of having another is normal as well. Prevention is something you can discuss with your health care provider as well. Best thing you can do is rest and try not to stress.

Scott Lockard
Great suggestions. Listen to your body and rest when needed. Also, you are your best advocate for your care. Don’t stop asking questions until you get answers that you’re satisfied with.

Mandy Mc Govern Brennan
Hope you are feeling ok, it is very scary ❤️ have they checked for carotid/ vertebral artery dissection in the neck? X

CIaudia Msquera
Mandy: Yes, they included that in the MRI

Nancy Mng
CIaudia Msquera I think the MRI does not show that. They should have done an ultrasound on your caroid arteries on both sides of your neck. That’s where they found I have 50% plaque buildup on my left one. One of my eyes went blind for about a minute.

Mandy Mc Govern Brennan
CIaudia Msquera Ah right I see, just as I am only 26 and that’s why I had 2 TIAs, it was a spontaneous carotid artery dissection. Hope you get some answers soon and as mentioned before plenty of rest and hydration as well

Christine Inez Hoad
I am so sorry about your scary experience. I remember being very scared and anxious afterwards. I hope that you’re doing ok.
Mine was similar, except I wasn’t exercising. I was making brownies 😂🙈
I had no family history, no reason anyone could see for this to happen to me (mine was in January, I’m 30) except one thing….birth control pills. Medication was the only thing they think could have caused it, but like you all tests show nothing so I have no answers and I probably never will. As irritating as that can be I feel like a lot of people experience the same thing. The best thing you can do is stay healthy, know the signs and stay active with your doctors.

Ebony D Benjamin
Ask for angiogram

CIaudia Msquera
Ebony: had that done as well and came back negative

Linda Miller Jennings
Claudia, the same thing happened to me and like you I had all the tests and they found nothing. My cardiologist ran all kinds of tests and I even had a loop recorder implanted to check for AFib, but still nothing. I am classified as Crypto something (can’t spell it!), and it means unknown. It’s been 2 1/2 yrs and I worry about having another TIA but the dr says to take a low dose aspirin every day, watch my diet and have regular check ups. I don’t smoke or drink but I’m a border line diabetic. I stopped drinking Diet Dr. Pepper after my stroke thinking the Aspartame may have caused it but who knows! Aspartame is bad stuff and has been known to cause strokes so that’s what I’m blaming my stroke on. Good luck and stay healthy!

Stacey Hunt Shields
My story is very similar to yours. As I read your post, I am thinking this is me she is describing. Get yourself a good cardiologist and stay on groups like this. I have learned more on this FB group then anywhere else. It’s a helpful, positive minded group. Good luck!

Lisa Wraight
Have all your blood results come back yet? There can be reasons e.g. high cholesterol x. It’s frightening isn’t it. x

CIaudia Msquera
Lisa Wraight: All blood work came back normal as well.

Lisa Wraight
CIaudia Msquera is so frustrating when there are no answers apparent. XX

CIaudia Msquera
Yes! Frustrating and so frightening 😞. I am a single mom of 3 teenagers and also care for my mom. I feel like I was smacked in the face with my own mortality and it is so scary when I have the 4 of them who depend on me.

Lisa Wraight
CIaudia I understand and empathise fully. I had a tia in March (tho not kept well for years) my daughter came and saw me
with half face dropped and confused and got me to doctors. (Turns out I had critically high cholesterol)

CIaudia Msquera
Lisa Wraight: Sending you lots of love ❤️. Thank you for supporting me in the mist of your own struggles

Tara Rose Sirianni
I know it’s frustrating to not have any answers!! I wasn’t diagnosed until I was about 40!! I have no cardiovascular issues and am of normal weight for my height !!! I do have other autoimmune disorders though!!!
I wish I had answers to make sense of it and I know it scares us!!
God Bless us all!!! 💜💜🙏🙏

Lisa Wraight
Tara Rose Sirianni I too have auto immune disorders, 49

Tara Rose Sirianni

Lisa Wraight it’s beyond tiring to try and function and it’s getting worse and worse!! I wish I could wave a magic wond to make it all go away !!!!😢

Lisa Wraight
I’m exactly the same. Every day is a struggle xxx

Rita M King
Lisa Wraight same

Abby Miller
Welcome to the family, Claudia! That was a very scary incident you had and we’re very thankful to see that you’re okay. I have high blood pressure and I love to work. In late March when my company started a double over time program, all the way to early June, I pulled more than 900 work hours. As I said, I love working but I love providing for my family more. In that time frame, I have since had 5 TIAs, the beginning stages of kidney failure, and sadly had my over time taken away from me. Mind you, I detest salt, I can’t stand it. My blood pressure was so high that my kidneys were failing me and I had to go back to regular hours or risk dying. My doctor said I was committing suicide pulling that amount of work and hours. I’m okay now, I’ve slowed down and feel much better. I’m on blood pressure meds and I’m eating even healthier than before. I really hope and pray that you get more answers and don’t have another one again. Please feel free to reach out to us if you’re unsure, concerned, or anything. You’re here with family. Xoxo

Cynthia Deutsch
Welcome! Same thing here. Working out and lost control over whole right side of body. All the tests done, no confirmed diagnosis though they did initially say TIA. Happened two more times within two weeks. Get a second opinion. I still don’t know two months later. Stay well and try not to be too anxious ❤️

John Mare
What you describe is a classic TIA. Here in UK we have a well know TV personality who used to do intense workouts regularly. During one of these he had a stroke. After a long time and much rehab, he is back on TV but has a caliper and his arm is useless.

Kyzer Duncan
Same story with me, it’s so frustrating not knowing why it happened to me…I feel your frustration..

Mallorie Yance Petrusson
Your experience sounds identical to mine!!! The symptoms and all. It turns out, after testing from a hematologist, I have a blood clotting disorder called Factor V Leiden. It more than likely caused the blood clot in my brain, causing the TIA symptoms. Definitely get checked for clotting disorders. I was sent by my neurologist to my hematologist. I’m not on blood thinner and have never had another (almost two years out from my TIAs)

Rebecca Marlis
Have you had an echo done?
After my tia, we found a PFO (hole in the heart) and VSD birth defect.
I’m going back for a more invasive echo this month and seeing neuro.

Desiree Nicole
CIaudia Msquera how long did it take for you mouth to go back to normal. I had a tia two days ago now. My right side of my mouth isn’t droopy but it will not open.

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