Call your Dr for advice or go to the ER.

Appreciate some advice on what to do now?

I had a TIA in January. I suspect that i had another small one about 1 hour ago. I was busy doing something and remember suddenly feeling dizzy en numb. My left side is numb, my left eye blurry, a bit of slurred speech, dizzy en very tired. Most of the sale symptoms I had in January, just not as bad. I took blood thinners and an Urbanol (prescribed by Neurologist in January). Should i not feel better soon, i’ll go to the ER. Dont feel that i need to go, as they dos all those test in January and could not pick anything up. I would however really appreciate some advice on what to do now? Do I try carry on normally, do i sleep, do i do something to teu and regain my memory from the moment i started feeling weird? I was in hospital for 4 days the previous time, so not sure how to deal with this at home accept for making sure I take the medication.


Kim Israel-Redmin
Call your doctor

Tina Summerfield
Call your Dr for advice or go to the ER.

Sam-tel Lolly-Trev Ford
Go to the doctor , keep a time line of what happened before and after , thoughts , feelings , symptoms and irregularities 👍

Candy Clouds
Go now to ER.

Carla Lamprecht
This happened on Sunday already (3 days ago) Post only got approved now. I did nog go to ER and I am feeling much better now. I drink my blood thinners en Urbanols as prescribed. Thank you all

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