Chew a piece of gum. Instantly my pain and discomfort was alleviated

Chewing gum – TMJ is so weird

Chewing gum – TMJ is so weird. Just minutes ago I had been suffering a gnarly headache and jaw pain, coupled with an odd and overwhelming urge to chew something (which manifested itself as me clenching/grinding). So I decided to experiment and chew a piece of gum. Instantly my pain and discomfort was alleviated. You’d think that using the masticatory muscles would cause strain and add to the pain. But for some reason I feel much better! Now we’ll see how long this lasts…’


Leslie Council
Sucking on sour candy helps. It releases the built up acid from sore jaw muscles.

Leslie Council
I can only chew gum for a minute before my jaw is exhausted 😟

West Evolove
Don’t get me wrong, I still have a dull headache and other symptoms. But I’m at least able to function right now!

Thelma Louise Davis
I find eating sometimes helps my symptoms, I think for those few minutes the increased vertical dimension provided by the food between both jaws almost resets my muscles to a better state. Whether chewing helps or not may have to do with what the initial problem is, ie loss of vertical in the bite vs disc displacement, over worked muscles vs those not being used, etc…

Joanna Richardson
I was about to post the same Thelma Louise Davis as I’ve noticed the same thing happen when I eat and my jaw felt like all the muscles were drawing in and tight and then after a meal I feel so much better sometimes. I’m now wondering if it may be worth chewing gum to settle my jaw which goes against everything I’ve read but then these problems are such a mystery to heal/cure I’m learning more and more to think outside of the box.

Irina Kor
My symptoms get better during and after a meal. Go figure.

Jules Longley
Sometimes chewing gum for a few minutes helps me relax my jaw muscles (like the tighten/relax method). Other times I can’t bite down on gum at all.

Rick Coker
That’s why dentists go crazy- something that works wonders for you makes someone else’s pain worse!

Denise Wells-Johnson

I love gum…..miss it. Have not been able to chew it in years! Glad you have found at least temporary relief!

Shannon Fitzgerald Ross
I constantly chew gum, especially when my teeth are out of alignment because of my jaw… It helps keep my from biting my tongue or cheek, and feels better. I use a brand called Spry, it’s like bigger chicklets but is softer and has no artificial sweeteners in it, it’s good for your teeth too. I like that I don’t have to open my jaw wide to chew it either like some gums. It’s crazy that most TMJ people are told don’t chew it but I’ve always found it helps. When I couldn’t chew it because I couldn’t find a gum without artificial sweetener, I noticed a huge difference in the pain in my jaw, now i keep gum on me at all times.

Sosy Markakis
I’ve been going through this as well! Sometimes my jaw muscles feel so tight and sore, that chewing gum for a few minutes seems to help loosen things up. Key words- “few minutes”!

Amit Alok Pandey
I agree to you. I like eating with splint in the mouth. I have instivetive feeling that If one gets the right splint, eating and chewing with it will help cure the diseased muscles and joints faster.

Alice Leigh McCall
I just do a half piece for 30 min/hour at a time…. maybe no more than once a day. It helps me also 🙂 But if you over-do it can cause more pain later.

Lisa Sansica
Chewing helps me a lot!

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