Did anyone else experience depression after your TIA experience?

I believe it was a result of TIA

Did anyone else experience depression after your TIA experience? I’m wondering if it’s a result of the TIA event or if the TIA may have caused it somehow.


Dana Duhe Brady
My mom was put on depression med after her TIA .. I believe it was a result of TIA . She showed no signs of depression before.

Jeanette Church
It is very common to have it afterwards

Laurie Lyon Duke

David Hook
I did with mine and still like it. I had a series of about 8-10 TIAs and had a carotid endarterectomy. I was operated on early January 2018 and still struggling to come to terms with what has happened.

Louise O’Sullivan Hudson
Yes x

Jennifer de Vries
If you are experiencing symptoms of depression, please seek professional help whether it be a discussion with your doctor or a counsellor. It’s very common to experience bouts of depression after a life-changing episode such as a TIA. Be well.

Terry Greene
I was very depressed..then my dr retired and his replacement took lorazepam away and told me take bendryl…im trying but sometimes get stressed and thats what got me…

Sarah Behling
Getting depression after a serious medical anything is completely normal.

Tim Bowen
Thanks everyone for your input. I have been on two antidepressants for many years which usually helps me to cope but I was very depressed for a couple of days coming out of the hospital with my TIA. Things are looking up now. I battle with Ménière’s Disease as well so both issues kind of hit me at once. The lower sodium diet that I’m on seems to be helping with that issue as well.

Jennifer de Vries
Please do NOT let anyone in this group discredit your emotional well-being. It is reckless and dangerous. Mental health affects many and a life trauma such as a TIA can bring on mental health conditions such as a PTSD and depression. If you feel any concerns about your mental well-being, please seek medical attention.
Denise Novichenko-Braden

C.j. Ethington
And major anxiety.

Matt Fallecker
Already had depression and anxiety(I’ve had epilepsy most of my life), but both got much worse since TIA almost 2 years ago

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