Do any of you get frustrated that you can not get more done?

I have quite bad avoidance OCD

Do any of you get frustrated that you can’t get more done? I feel like other people must be a lot more productive than me. I try to get things done but I get distracted really easily and I struggle to settle down and focus. The days seem to pass way too quickly it worries me. I then kind of beat myself up about it which I know I shouldn’t do…


Anna Parkinson
I am exactly the same. One task can take me all day to get started and do a small amount. Often I never manage to actually begin. I used really beat myself up about it but now I know its my ocd, I try to just let it go. Not get worked up and frustrated at all the things I haven’t managed to do but focus on the things I have.
I make a list in a notebook each day of the things i have done. It can be as small as ‘made the bed’ or ‘did the washing’ ‘or made a tasty lunch’. That way no matter how bad your day has been, you see you’ve still completed and achieved something and it makes you feel good!

Ṧtephîe Huŋtệr
I have quite bad avoidance OCD also and I litterally get nothing done I get stuck and always just want to curl away rather than do something ..I’m hoping when I start citalipram it will change 😗❤️

Fiona Robertson
Ṧtephîe Huŋtệr yes that is me down to a t

Mihai-Claudiu Dragomirescu
Yeah, of course. OCD eats away so much energy and time. I hope I can improve though. And i wish you the same! However, don’t be so harsh on yourself. I think you’re doing your best.

Mark Major
I know the feeling Fiona – today I was up at 5:30 only just sat down at 21:30 and still got a load of stuff I didn’t get done! Sometimes it’s all too much!

Fiona Robertson
Mark Major it really is!

Diane Braund
Yes, times of day control me like crazy. I have to get up at 4am to get ice and put my diet Coke in the cooler I the garage. Brush my teeth, hair, and get into bed til about 845. Get up and walk, til it’s time for something too drink and relieve my pain.😞

Ros Lyn
Yes, constantly. It’s just like being on a merry-go-round or a rollercoaster isn’t it?!

Yadzaida Garcia Padua
Yes. That’s me 100% now looking at my computer from the couch while binging on Netflix and feeling super depressed. All I have to do is a simple discussion board reply that wont take 10 min. 🙄

Gwen Lindeman
I was thinking the exact same thing today. 😭😭 It’s so frustrating..

Madison Duerling
Give yourself a longer timeframe! I understand if it doesn’t fit in with your OCD schedule (same). It’s better than feeling like you’ve failed

Sophie Josephine Priestley
My partner struggles to get things done. He has a brain injury so his time management, memory and organisation skills are very limited. It doesn’t make me love him any less, it doesn’t make me respect him any less. This house is always chaotic bc there are half done tasks everywhere. I still think that the sun shines out of his arse and i have endless patience for him (except for when he offers to take me to an appointment and i end up late but i never let him know 😂). I always tell him to focus on what he has done, not what he hasn’t done. Even if the things you’ve done in the day weren’t what you set out to do, that’s ok, you did something! Focus on the small acheivements, its so hard to be organised and get things done when your mind is in a constant whirlwind. Be proud of what you’ve done and don’t beat yourself up gor what you haven’t done x

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