Do Celebs Spark Interest In Diet Fads

Have you heard about the peel away diet? It involves the use of a small patch that may be applied-much like the birth control patch-to an inconspicuous area of the body and it is said to help you lose some serious weight. Infomercials abound and even though no actual celebrity is lending either name or image to the marketing of this product, those charged with selling the product heavily hint at the use of these patches by well known celebrities.

The ingredients which make up the active ingredient of the patches are a substance found in the regular seaweed and an Indian herb. According to the manufacturers, it is hard to tell when the substances create enough buildup within the tissues of the body to affect any weight loss, but manufacturers suggest that dieters be patient and continue to apply the patches, even if the desired weight loss is slow in coming.

Does this sound too good to be true? The odds are good that it is little more than clever marketing and those who are thinking of giving these patches a try should remember that they are a costly commodity and that no guarantee is forthcoming. A fad diet if ever there was one, thus far not one celebrity has actually acknowledged either trying these patches or even losing any weight with them.

Of course, celebs spark interest in diet fads all the time, and one has to think no further than Beyonce and her lemon detox diet that for a while was all the talk on talk shows devoted to celebrities and also print media. Even the online forums were buzzing about her lemon detox diet and many a prospective dieter was curious about her particular twist on an old diet standby. In its simplest form, the Beyonce diet is little more than lemon juice, tap water, some honey for flavoring, and a bit of Cayenne pepper for the truly adventurous souls.

The celebrity decided to use this as a detox and colon cleanse, but in so doing lost a few pounds and before long those in the hopes of copying the weight loss were seen trying to mimic her success. Now, it is important to realize that Beyonce is already trim and fit and as such was not really in need of a lot of weight loss. To her this may have been a bona fide cleanse or simply a way to quickly shed some 10 to 12 pounds in a week or two. For many others it may be the beginning of a yoyo dieting career where a few pounds are lost only to gain back twice as much.

Do celebs spark interest in fad diets? Without a doubt this is a true statement. The notion that weight loss can be virtually instantaneously and without he need for any long lasting lifestyle changes is music to the ears of those who have neither the inclination nor the ambition to make any true lasting changes to their eating habits. In the same vein, the idea that pounds could be lost, or peeled away, without exercise and other effort short of applying a patch or drinking a concoction of lemon juice and honey make these fad diets dangerous and obviously nonetheless widely popular.