Getting rid of suffering

What is the good you get if you do it right, for yourself and for others?

Getting rid of suffering [ideas taken from a Dalai lama conversation]

Use your mind without using or listening to the 5 senses to reach a deeper level of understanding. Then you will see better what is practical. Using only the mind, intelligence. Now that you know what is most practical, do it.The method can also be applied to people with chronic pain, people who are possessed or manipulated in body or mind. In this way you can ignore the pain or discomfort, think about what you have to do using only the clean mind without the 5 senses, and when you see clearly what is practical, start doing it ignoring the pain or discomfort. It also prevents you from wasting too much time on impractical things like watching too much TV, movies, Netflix, Facebook etc. Every time you do something, think only with a clean mind, ignoring the 5 senses. Then find something practical and do it. The mind and the will are more powerful if you unite them to the heart. For example, doing practical things that benefit not only me, but also others. Think with your heart. Before doing something write in a list:

  1. what is the good you get if you do it right, for yourself and for others?
  2. what you or others lose if you don’t do it?

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