Had a panic attack today after being panic attack free for more than a month.

Does anyone have any advice on how I can get my damn life together?

Had a panic attack today after being panic attack free for more than a month. I think my trigger is that I’m turning 26 in a month’s time but I’ve made the progress of a 18 year old. I used to be so different before anxiety I was intelligent and motivated. Then I started looking at my hair (bad haircut that grew out wrong and quite damaged) and I used to have long blonde hair before I ruined it. I have quite an average face and all I had going for me in the past was my hair to compensate for my average face. I started worrying that I will never feel good about myself again and the rest of my 20s will be spent with shitty hair because how do I fix my hair in a year? I’m applying for bursaries so I can study next year but what if I don’t get them and I can’t study? I will be stuck doing menial jobs that I hate, probably won’t find a good man because they’re all taken and I have severe ptsd from being abused by my ex for 5 years so I act like such a spaz around other people.What if all I have to look forward to from now on are receding gums, thinning hair and eye bags?Does anyone have any advice on how I can get my damn life together?


Bridgett Michelle
You are beautiful! But no matter how many people say that to you, if you keep telling yourself otherwise, it will be difficult for you too see it.
You are very young and have your whole life ahead of you.
You are not average. You are perfect, unique, special, and a blessing to the world. My life did not truly begin until my late 30’s.
Had my first child at 37 got married and had my second at 38. I am 45 now and working on my Master’s degree. I took my mental health problems head on and went to college for it. Becareful how you speak to yourself.
Try not to engage in so much negative self-talk. 😊

Lexei Lele
Babygirl it’ll all be okay. I’ve been through it too. Trust me when I say you’ll be okay. Find your peace inside. Your hair rocks !!! If you feel it doesn’t you can change it to your own liking. Chin up and adjust your crown.

Curt Spears
Everyone’s life has its own pace! Never compare! Some people get to like 40 and have to restart over from scratch. Life is just what you wanna make of it . Being in our 20’s is all about seeing what we want and just having fun

Freyja Tankersley
Not all plants grow at the same time. A rose will grow faster than a sunflower. You are making progress, as long as you keep working on you then your doing just fine.

Anne Waller Mowbray
First of all–you are beautiful! Second–love yourself! You don’t need another person to make you happy! When you love yourself, then other people will love you! It took me many years to understand this and that I am worthy!

Ashleigh Ashes Thrasher
You spell Ashleigh the same way as me ☺️ also you are very pretty and I can understand the struggle of feel as of you haven’t made much progress due to anxiety holding you back. I feel the same. I have a similar problem with my hair as well…I’m trying my hardest to grow it off after many manic bouts of shaving it off.

Jenna Reilly
You got this 👏🏻 I was in the same place, I was always told I would never be a nurse, 4 years down as an LPN and I graduate RN school in 3 months. Life will get better I promise. I have had severe anxiety since I was a child, and only really learned how to control it around age 27ish. Therapy, drugs and learning what works for me was the best thing I did for myself. Never, ever give up! I don’t like how much weight I put on due to Covid… I was beside myself one night. Then I changed my thinking this body kept me healthy through Covid! Hair comes and goes, thins and gets thick, turns to grey etc. Get a really cute short cut, so all of the damage is cut off! Then it will naturally grow healthy! Also leave in conditioners! Also CELEBRATE YOUR SMALL WINS EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Rachel Balducci
Oh girl!!! You are all up in those emotions and baby I know I have been there. Hair is an adventure. Live in the now. Every day that you live you are the most beautiful girl you will ever be. Being satisfied with who we are is one hell of a chore and I am not the person to tell others how to go about it.
Shake off those what ifs because they won’t get you anywhere , my girl. Let’s think that you will be studying soon and if not you will strive to find something to work at until you can get approved to go to school. Your hair is great and it’s not some boring hair cut that you could have had since childhood….its fresh and memorable and very good for your face. You look like Bryce Dallas Howard! I’ll show you a pic of her.

Rachel Balducci
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Erin Emily Robinson
You are anything but average, you are beautiful, though it needs to be you who feels that not others. You might very well get those bursaries, try not to assume the future. One day at a time. Maybe some therapy can help you feel more positive and catch some of those anxiety loops like negative thinking, fortune telling, catasrophising, etc. Hang in there. 😌

Michelle Morrison
How about getting hair extensions till it grow out. And by the way I think you are much prettier than just normal x

Tammy Morrison Edwards
Girl! You are beautiful! Quit it right now being so down on yourself! You can do this!

Connie Henley Solomon
You are so beautiful dear….everything will be okay.

Rachel Balducci
Oh and I should suggest you have your thyroid checked. The thyroid can cause brittle, thinning and poor hair health though your hair looks good to me. Also can cause the anxiety you are experiencing

Lauren Ashleigh Hogg
Rachel Balducci thanks that’s actually a very good idea!

Rachel Balducci
Lauren Ashleigh Hogg plus it can cause dry skin, heart palpitations, dry eyes, puffy eyes, period changes…all sorts.

Kevin Yarrow
The thing I’ve learned is that telling myself I needed to be at a certain point by the age I was at was hurting my mental health. When I really thought about it, the progress I made was made in my own time. Maybe I don’t feel on par with others my age, but honestly so many of them look miserable. And I am actually happy. Most of the time haha. So at least there is that. The progress you have made despite what it may feel like is gonna make you you. Don’t feel like you need to be on par with others. Do you really wanna be like them? You are not alone in these feelings. You got this though. Keep working on yourself and all the good will come to you.

Steve Daniels
Hey, you are so not average! I still have self esteem issues and Ptsd from a really abusive ex girlfriend. Took years to feel comfortable in my own skin! I’m now 42 and I promise it will get better! You are really pretty and the right one will come me along, And if not at least you will fall in love with yourself! Just takes a little work. I went to counseling and a lot of self help groups and you find out there is a lot of us going through the same things! Prayers to you and remember you are strong and beautiful!

Brooke Roberson
I think you’re being really hard on yourself. It’s just hair. Give it time to grow, take vitamins and invest in good shampoo and conditioner. Theres 8 billion people in the world, I promise not all the good guys are taken. & don’t “what if” yourself on the job, because what if you DO get to study, what if you DO graduate and get a great job, it works both ways

Ashley Milstead
One day at time

Jackie Bergeron Balsano
As far as your hair, take biotin. It helps with hair & nails. While you’re waiting for it to work go to a salon & get a cute cut.

Misty Vega
coming from someone on the other side…this too shall pass…BELIEVE ME…you are adorable and have your whole life ahead of you. Look beyond today or tomorrow. Even menial jobs can turn into a good job ….think positive 🤗

Alleah Victoria
Age is just a number. I’m almost 32 trust me I know how you feel lol

Bob Turner
You’ve very beautiful and probably have more to offer than girls in IG. Truthfully those girls have problems too and they have insecurities just like all of us. And because they post those best moments for public to see doesnt mean they’re happy 24/7

Jim E Sipahi
It’s ok. We’re here to support you. I’ve had anxiety a long time. I take meds. Doing ok. You look great.

Becky Pansa
I am sorry this is happening to you but did anyone tell you lately that you are absolutely STUNNING? Average face? Hell no!

Billy Alarie
this is an extremely vulnerable place to be making a post from
thank you for this. i hope you get through this quickly. ❤ ❤

Nicole Colon
First, take a deep breath. Then, look yourself in the mirror and say out loud 5-10 things you like about yourself. Keep these in mind and repeat them whenever you feel like you’re not the beautiful young woman that you are. After that, give yourself so

Fatima Waseem
Bruh your face is perfect

Stacy Adams
First of all you are cute you can put your hair in a ponytail or buy a wig . No one is perfect I would try going for a walk when you fell anxious it can really help . You can have fun where ever you work at and laugh with your coworkers life gets better I promise

Valerié Kravtsova
Omo, sweetheart💕 You’re doing well for someone who struggles with such a horrible disorder. Your best years are ahead of you! You are turning 26 which means you are young enough to run and achieve great things and mature enough to not repeat the same

Wen Dee
Ohhhh how I feel you

Adrian Juarez Ortega
If no hair . There is wigs. I also have very little hair. And dont worry for dating. Trust me. I’m 39 and after time I believe is more healthy for people like us to be single. Because can end up really nasty . Love your self. The way you are.

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