Has anyone else had inconclusive TIA attacks?

That is not normal for TIA

Has anyone else had inconclusive TIA attacks?
Although initially diagnosed, the stroke clinic are still not 100% certain. They are now sending my Husband to the seizure clinic for further testing 😕 Just feeling confused. We spoke to the TIA nurse and said re his headaches that have lasted for some time after, her response was ” that is not normal for TIA” I said so many people on the forum have headaches that linger and she said “Ohh wow”..!


Marion Ager
I too had a tia diagnosis that changed and I’ve since looked into TIA mimics.
It seems that mimics would be 50% of all TIA diagnoses. And I’ve found a table that shows what they are when it’s not a TIA.
Does this make sense to you guys?

Julie Vandersluys
Marion Ager Thank you so much. I will look into it. Appreciate your time

Craig Brawley
Yes, it’s now sounding as if my dad’s regular “TIAs” are anything but…the suspicion is they are just little (thankfully) seizures due to his mixed dementia. Awaiting some sort of resolution.

Julie Vandersluys
Craig ohhh wow. Hubby doesn’t have dementia but has had a lot of stress.. thank you. I hope Dad is as good as he can be. Bless him ❣

Alicia Stauffer
Hi Julie. Your post really caught my attention. I was diagnosed in the ER 2 months ago at the age of 32 with a TIA. There was no evidence on any of the testing (no clot or hemorrhage). For 2 weeks or so after, I had the worst and weirdest headaches of my life and extreme fatigue that lasted a little longer than a month. My follow up with a neurologist lead me to more testing because he said it sounded like a TIA but he believes there to be an underlying neurological issue. He also told me that headaches and fatigue were not typical of TIA patients. I’ve had 5 or 6 episodes since where my brain feels like its vibrating, I have constant heartburn (I never had heartburn before the TIA), and get pins and needles in my arm and leg randomly throughout each day. No answers yet. I’m hoping you and your husband have found an answer. I understand the frustration and fear in not knowing.

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