Hollywood Personal Trainers Rely On Aerobics To Slim Down The Stars

Forget about fad diets, nutritional supplements guaranteed to melt off the weight, and kickboxing; Hollywood personal trainers rely on aerobics to slim down the stars and keep them in excellent shape. Granted, many a celebrity will also change the way they eat to make sure the exercise regimen will take hold and show results more quickly, but many of the fad diets that are so dangerous are not followed by the Hollywood elite. They occasional starlet and young would be Hollywood great is still relying on fad diets once in a while and immediately makes headlines, but by and large the beautiful people really do try to live healthier lives and follow diets known to be safe.

The goal of the aerobics exercises so many Hollywood stars are sweating with is the simple burning of fat that is stored in the body. This very fat is of course a life sustaining substance and those who would seek to rid themselves completely of their body fat soon realize that instead of looking healthy and trim, they look sickly and more like a bag of bones. Fat is accumulated by the average American body because food is so plentiful and more and more occupations are sedentary.

What Hollywood personal trainers have known for many years already is the fact that non-fat foods have led so many would-be dieters into temptation by thinking that without the eating of fat, there will be no more accumulation of this substance. This of course is wrong. Considering that excess carbohydrates are morphed by the human body into fat for future storage, the only real way to slim down is through vigorous exercise and there is little more vigorous than aerobics.

Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston, and a whole cornucopia of Hollywood celebs are relying on fat from eating fatty foods and also from stored carbohydrates to enable fueling their bodies while burning calories during strenuous exercise. The reason why aerobics is favored rests on the fact that first the excess carbohydrates ingested earlier are burned up and then-and only then-will the body turn to fat that is already stored for its fueling needs.

Aerobics enables the body to engage in an activity for a prolonged duration of time which provides different levels of activity but precious little downtime in between. Thus, the fat burning process is kicked into high gear and continues on going for a while and the weight loss associated with the exercise is much higher than it would be with the on again off again workout that may be accomplished with the help of a treadmill, or every changing routines during a kickboxing class.

Of course, the other advantage of getting the body’s metabolism to get kicked into gear is not as well known although Hollywood personal trainers claim that this is the bread and butter of their livelihood and as such keeps them in high demand among the celebs: once the body is burning fat for fuel, the body will continue to do so for up to five or six hours!