I am not sure what I want to do

I was not happy in the relationship

I don’t know what to do anymore I’ve been in a relationship with fiancé for 2 years now I found out a year ago he had been cheating on me nothing physical that I know of but what he did is just as bad he did it from before we meet up until I found out a year into the relationship any way I tried to forgive him 4 weeks ago I kissed somebody I told him straight away he wasn’t really mad Saturday night passed I kissed somebody else I only told him on Sunday night he went mental at me I told him I wasn’t happy in the relationship he wants to try sort it but I’m not sure what I want to do


Nikita Lewis
If your not sure about your relationship and you don’t feel you want to sort it out, then I think you should go your separate ways. You shouldn’t be in a relationship your not happy in x

Stacie Aulgur-Thurston
Don’t stay in a relationship you are not happy in, if he is continuing to cheat on you then that’s not right, kissing someone to get back at him isn’t right either, it’s better to walk away from it then to continue on with it

Sasha Green
From what youve described i dont think it would be wise to stay in this relationship. If you truly love someone you dont cheat on them. I think you both need to move on and find new partners.

Jennifer Whildin
I agree with all of the above

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