I am so over everything.

Bad. I can’t even muster a smile

Today is bad. I can’t even muster a smile and I’m stuck at work because I can’t afford to call in. I hate my life. And no one in my life understands. Everyone keeps asking me what’s wrong but I can’t talk to any of them, they don’t get it and i will just burst into tears. I’m so over everything. What did we do to have to live suffering like this???


Gennie Pellegrini
I’ve had those days! I find that it happens a lot when I’m not enjoying work.

Brenda Jones Newton
I’ve been there. We all understand. Here to listen if you need a friend.

Lauren Sossi
Brenda Jones Newton thank you, it feels so good to be able to open up with ppl who understand me!

Brenda Jones Newton
Lauren Sossi I definitely understand

Amy Lynn Daugherty
Sounds a lil like depression, which is common with OCD. I suffer from both. You might want to talk to a doctor about antidepressants if you haven’t already

Sooraj K R
Have you ever seen a therapist or psychiatrist?

Lauren Sossi
Sooraj K R not yet, I plan to soon though.

Sooraj K R
Lauren Sossi Please do that. It will make you a lot better. Good luck.

Lauren Sossi
Sooraj K R thank you, I’m hopeful that it will help

Paul Hennessey
Lauren Sossi I’m sorry for what you are going through. I genuinely don’t wish to intrude on your private life, or cause anymore upset for you,may I ask how I can help you further Has lockdown contributed to this

Lauren Sossi
Paul Hennessey I don’t think so, my life has been basically the same, I’ve been working the whole time. Ppl have been extremely rude to us at work though so maybe that’s not helping

Rémi Jonatain Peixoto Marcos
Yeah, it’s good IMO, to get and support! Because, without it, it’s like being alone on another planet with different beings. It’s hard to keep things inside. Because it then bursts into the mental, stressing and aggressing you.

Patrick Tallent
If you’re not on SSRIs you should try them at least. I was miserable until I started them

Clement Cyril Ferdinand
Patrick Tallent did they really help? Did you try ERP?

Patrick Tallent
I just started therapy also, only 2 sessions in. The ssri have help with thoughts a lot but not so much with checking

Clement Cyril Ferdinand
Patrick Tallent why kind ocd are u suffering from?

Patrick Tallent
Intrusive thoughts and checking

Ron Williams
I feel the same way, especially today

Bryan Bucknell

We didn’t do anything, it’s just how our brains are hardwired. Inside your head, a battle is waging against your demons and even though sometimes they win a battle or two you will win the war. Because you are a warrior, a fighter who will not give up until the enemy is vanquished. When you did what you had to do by going to work you drew your sword and charged into battle as a warrior should. So, be proud and be strong and when the next challenge comes draw your sword and charge into battle screaming like a banshee like the warrior you are: brave and unstoppable.

Lauren Krall
I have had those days. I feel like there is something wrong with me but I have to remind myself there isnt. Its not your fault! I use a technique called reparenting that helps a ton! Its supposed to mimic what a parent would be telling a small child but its you telling yourself (or in this case your own brain/thoughts) that its okay to feel bad and its okay to feel negative. I try to imagine I am talking to a small child and tell myself what I think a child would need to be told. It works really well!

Elizabeth Morello
i have those days all the time. people who don’t have OCD can be sympathetic, but they will never fully understand. please don’t give up ❤

Hassan Zeroual
this is hard

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