I am to have a stroke and have lots of anxiety or can not sleep

My MRI and CT , bloods , ECG , Echo came back all clear

Hi I am new to this group , thank you for adding me . I had a TIA nine days ago and just saw my neurologist today and he said it wasn’t a migraine and I had had a TIA I lost my site in one eye for about two minutes but didn’t have any other symptoms and still feel fine . I am just so worried now that I am to have a stroke and have lots of anxiety , can’t sleep . My MRI and CT , bloods , ECG , Echo came back all clear , I am waiting on my Holter monitor results still , so he said it’s a TIA BEHIND THE EYE . I am on blood thinners now and he said it might never happen again and to start walking everyday and eat a low fat diet which I do eat well but I don’t excerise enough but have started walking now . Can someone tell me if they have been ok for a long time after a TIA . Thank you


Barbara McCoy Reitzig
Hi Lisa, sorry to read about your TIA. I had one on December 23, 2019. I know it isn’t that long ago but I have been “fine”. It took some time to feel normal. I had some problem with easy sight words etc. I was very lucky as there was not any bleeding. So we are assuming it was a clot. I, like you, am on blood thinners, low fat diet and exercise. It does get easier. I would suggest keeping a log of things and just don’t seem or feel right – for your next doctor appointment. In the meantime, enjoy life💞

Lise Waring
Barbara McCoy Reitzig thank you I will keep a log , good idea . Thanks for your support. Happy you are well

Raindrop Parker
I had my TIA in June 2016. I’m fine now. Don’t worry, just do as the Doc says and live life!

Lise Waring
Raindrop Parker thank you so much

Ian Allan
2016 for me. Anxiety is perfectly normal although horrendous to live with it will take time to lessen. Don’t rush things follow docs orders and the fears you have will ease. Take care and look after your self.

Lise Waring
Ian Allan thank you so much

Sheila Cash
I had 4 in a row…. all different and one of them being blindness in one eye that lasted just a couple of minutes, three years ago this month. I have had lots of cognitive and poor short term memory loss and extreme fatigue xx

Robin Cole Sherrill
I just celebrated one year on March 29th. I had a quick walk of black in my right eye and weakness in my right hand plus loads of dizziness. All tests came back normal. I took blood thinners for about three months but then was moved to a baby aspirin a day. So far so good. 🤞 Like you, my anxiety was crazy, I was so scared it would happen again. I have two little ones and am reasonably young so I just couldn’t comprehend it happening. Anxiety has decreased but I did give up caffeine and drinking large amounts of wine at one time. Lol It takes time, give yourself grace.

Kate Kennedy
Sorry for all you’ve been through. Still waiting to see a neurologist, 5 days out. Did your neurologist explain how he / she came to the conclusion it was a TIA instead of a migraine?
We are living with the anxiety too. Two small kids and worried as hell.

Lise Waring
Kate Kennedy I saw my Neurologist three days ago but he rushed me and I didn’t really think he listened to me , I am getting a second opinion next Friday with a other neurologist as I told my GP I wasn’t happy as he didn’t explain much to me . I will let you know when I see this other neurologist. Good luck with everything and hope all goes well for you . 💕

Kate Kennedy
Lise Waring thank you. It’s awful to feel rushed in these situations. Hope you get better answers with your next appointment.

Danit Goldgrab
What blood thinners did they put you on? Something like this happened to me but my neurologist did NOT think it was a TIA and said it was migraine related. Curious how they came to that conclusion

Lise Waring
Danit Goldgrab yes i worry if my neurologist got it wrong also . He just asked me what happened to my eye and what I saw , I told him a saw just a Grey thing in front of my eye I could only see a bit of light around the outside of my eye , it was just Grey cloudy in my eye . It’s hard to explain then he said you have had a stroke behind your eye not a aura headache. But everything has come back perfect, just not my Holter monitor yet . I am having a second opinion next Friday with a other neurologist.

Danit Goldgrab
Lise Waring yeah I would definitely get a second opinion- sounds like he may have jumped the gun! I hope that is the case!

Cheryle Morris
Danit Goldgrab thankyou as my first TIA i had i went to hospital then i had another 2 nights later yet some were saying it was a migrain umm no my left side went on me for a bit im on Xarelto now plus topomax for the migraines that i dont as i also had a smashing headach prob 4 months after that felt like i was bash in the back of my head with baseball bat that was a shocker they just put it down to migraines i barley get headaches. im goingto come off that plus ive had no follow up with a nuro dr. My memory is a shocker sometimes i wonder is it stress related or from the TIAs i had oct 19 as well after that i ended up back in there with Artrivial fibrillation.. all confusing.

Danit Goldgrab
Lise Waring my vision was just blurry in one eye plus I was already on blood thinners- did they do a carotid doppler on you?

Danit Goldgrab
Lise Waring so my neurologist said if that’s clear it’s extremely unlikely it’s a stroke given everything else was normal

Robbie Lenox
October 2014. Lost speech. On Dabigratan. Also had atrial fibrillation. Stopped smoking 11 mths ago. Serious pneumonia 6 months ago. Still drink, 60 yrs old. Never will be the same but class myself lucky an ok touchwood.

Shannon White
I have had several tias over the years, it definitely affected my memory but I am still here so I am blessed

Melissa Dwire
I had multiple TIAs within months been 2.5 years now and I suffer from severe anxiety that I never had until the TIAs.I see my dr regular and I take aspirin,and blood pressure meds religiously. Im afraid if I don’t take them what would happen.So do as your Dr says and if you don’t like what that one says see another.

Shannon Thomas
I had similar issue with eye but never lost complete vision. I was actually driving and couldn’t figure out what was going on. I could only see half of everything out of my left eye. It was like someone was pouring water on the windshield and everything was wavy. My hands and feet went numb at different times. My face was completely numb. I felt as if I was coming up out of anesthesia. My memory has been horrible and just now back to normal. I had test after test, all clear. Had another tia 5 days later, hospitalized, put on several different meds. Off of all of those since 70 pound weight loss, no blood thinners but I do still take a baby aspirin a day. That all happened in July 2018. I just now feel over fatigue and feel normal.

John Mare
Mine was exactly the same as yours, 16 years ago. I hope I’m not tempting fate, but since then nothing else. I don’t do anything different from before. I don’t get a lot of exercise but I get some, I eat fairly healthily but am about 14lbs overweight. Whether you have another one, who knows, let’s hope not. ❤️

Danit Goldgrab
John Mare What treatment did they put you on post TIA?

John Mare
Danit Goldgrab Aspirin.

Cynthia Deutsch
I just had my first one a week ago while I was working out and second one 3 days later. I am very anxious too. I may try meditation. This was a total shock as I eat so clean and workout. Did doctors do cat scan, MRIs, brain scan, and check your heart? I have a cardiologist and neurologist. Neurologist has no answer yet. All the best. I am trying to stay calm but have my moments too

Lise Waring
Cynthia Deutsch TIA sorry my spelling

Cynthia Deutsch
Lise Waring i am sorry you are anxious. Just know I hear it is normal. I had sweaty palms the morning after I got home while drinking coffee because that is when it happened the second time. At least if it happens again, at least we will know what it is. The whole right side of my body went limp including facial drooping and slurred speech. No other symptoms. Resolved themselves in about an hour. On baby aspirin and very low dose statin.

Colleen Chuipek
i use to have multiple ones and when i went on blood thinners i havent had any in two years up till a month ago and then i had 4 in a two week period…i have had my heart checked echo ekg and heart monitor all great mri great put my blood thinners started to stop working for some reason and i did have a month of left side tingling in arm/leg worst ever i ever had and felt like a truck hit me…but mri says no stroke….

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