I am trying to be strong I just do not feel strong

I am 41 and just had my first TIA MONDAY.

Hi everyone. I’m 41 and just had my first TIA MONDAY. A few months ago I had awoken from a nap and couldn’t talk but I didn’t go to the hospital because I just don’t like causing a scene. Now I know that was the wrong thing to do because they see that I had a stroke.I just got home from being in the hospital for 3 days. I was wondering if anyone else had bad headaches after their tia. I have that and a lot of confussion in my head. My family thinks I should be back to normal and I’m trying to be normal but I still don’t feel 100 percent well. I also am so scared that im going to have another larger stroke that I’m crying a lot alone. I guess people just have to adapt but like yesterday my husband thought is was funny to pop out and scare me. They don’t understand I just don’t feel well. Am I just being a baby? I’m trying to be strong I just dont feel strong. Thanks anyone who reads this.


Maureen Manell Mcfarland
I cried first year. It’s ok. Do they know why?

Shirley Ulerick
U need rest. Tell them over n over. Ur body hasnt healed . It needs time . Just like ur emotions need time to heal.. im at 70 days and i still get tired like beyound tired . Im having problems remembering like just to turn off oven . Its scares me im 63 this is not normal but i know it takes time to get well again . Keep telling them

Mandy Mc Govern Brennan
I’m only 26 and have had 2 TIAs and suffer with terrible headaches & feel tired beyond belief which is annoying but everyday I celebrate little victories 🤗!! You have to mind yourself, you have to show yourself love & care as u have been through trauma, I have to cancel a lot of things & excuse myself to have a nap every now and again but I know what’s right for me and I won’t apologise for it ! It is a scary thing for anyone so be kind to yourself & be firm on people’s behaviour towards you ❤️❤️

Megan Umnus
I had god awful headaches after. They did go away in a few weeks time. Also had the confusion, 4.5 months later it’s still an issue.

Leslie Roth-Monahan
I’m sorry you are not being treated kindly. Some members of my family tell me not to worry, it won’t happen again. Others seem to feel if I don’t dwell on it I’ll be fine. It may be how they protect themselves from the fear they have over not knowing how to be supportive. I had 2 tias mid January headaches after and still fuzzy at times. Still scared it will happen again but talking to you guys helps.

Mary Morelli-Lortt
Leslie Roth-Monahan keep talking to us

Cherie Pearson Nichols
Not a baby. I was 46 when I had my mild ischemic stroke. Now 49. I didn’t go to the hospital, either. It took my neurologist the next day to find it through an MRI. Still didn’t go. Yes, not smart on my part. Be glad you at least went to a hospital. It’s gonna be a struggle, but hopefully they gave you some tools to use from the hospital. There are stroke support groups out there. Did they put you on a blood thinner? I get headaches. Keep fighting, girl. You’re here for a reason. My family struggled with it, too. Not feeling like they were taking me seriously. If you need support ask your doctor. There’s no shame. You’ve been diagnosed, take time to heal. My prayers, I send to you as I understand completely. 🙏

Tintti Stanton
Oh that’s so sad. I had one only a few weeks ago and I’m still woolly headed. You need to take it easy and recover. It can take ages. You need to lay down the law to your family. Here’s a hug 🤗

Julie Taylor
I had a headache for a good 2 weeks after & very confused. It fades as does the fear. Rest rest rest xx

Summer Bridges Huffman
I went to the hospital the day after my TIA and they diagnosed me with a headache. 6 days later I had a PE. It takes months to recover from this stuff. My Dr said the body uses tremendous amounts of energy during internal healing. People don’t realize that. If they can’t visibly see a wound they think you should feel better. Don’t try to push yourself beyond your limits.

Ian Allan
No your not being a baby. It takes time to start getting back to normal. Write your feelings down and let your husband read them and show your family to help them understand that it’s a huge change and event in your life which is very scary and difficult to understand and leaves you with a fear that a major stroke is on the horizon. Life changes and following doctors advice should see you doing well so don’t worry everything you are experiencing is normal after a tia.

Lisa Sampson
Your not being a baby I has a tia almost three years ago. At first I stammered forgot words, short term memory was shocking. I slept a lot and was terrified of it happening again especially when alone with my 8 year old! I have had ongoing issues with a droopy eye and pins and needles in my arm when very tired all of which neurologists can’t explain ( although seems ok last 4 months) my memory of better but still poor and unfortunately I’m still crippled by fatigue! Working is so hard I’ve gone supply so I can teach when I’m well. I was only 45 when I had the tia.please tell your family this is. Primal everyone I e spoke to who has had one has suffered in the same way. My recovery seems long but I may be due to the ongoing issues but please don’t beat yourself up all you feelings are valid and completely understandable. Rest and be kind to yourself xxxx

Elida Almanza Mahan
My husband had a headache afterwards and his neurologist have him an injection of Amovig and it went away and has not returned. This was in July 2019. I hope this helps you.

Ralph Stafford
I had a tia 6 months ago and still have headaches every day from mild to severe. They last from a few minutes to hours.
The brain fog cleared up about a month ago. I still have problems with my emotions.

Melissa Dwire
I’ve had the same ongoing issues one after another and I had about 10 TIAS between December 2017 and March of 2018 I still feel the effects of it and I suffer from the worst anxiety I’ve ever had.I just turned 43 when I had mine and I’ve gone though so many test and the only thing they say could have caused it was my uncontrolled high blood pressure that I didn’t even know I had at the time.I still have memory issues I have migraines that scare the crap.out of me and a partner that thinks I should be fine and does not understand how I feel for what I have been through.Dont worry about what anyone else thinks or says go at your pace and do as you can.You have to try and not stress yourself out about it or your going to cause more issues.I try to just let things go but sometimes it is so hard

Shakia Kia Tate
I had 3 TIA in one day in 2016 and I still have..well basically PTSD from it. It causes me anxiety..

John Keegan
I get severe head aches for 48 hours or so after even a minor TIA also feel very tired and have trouble speaking but usually thus clears up after 48 hours or so. Hope you feel better soon.

Linda Foster
Everyone is different – tell your family there is “no normal” for you. Because there is no such thing. I had mine 5 yrs ago this year and I still get headaches, still forget things, still have issues with memory sometimes. You get well at your own pace, listen to your body. If you feel tired stop etc. Don’t allow other people to tell you what or where you should be at

Raindrop Parker
I did have headaches afterwards and my short term memory and confusion probably lasted for 6 months or more. I was released from the hospital after 3 days and returned to a high stress job a few days later. I told the Doc I wasn’t ready, I was having problems, he didn’t seem to care. I wound up taking early retirement from my job 4 months later as I knew I couldn’t do it anymore the way I was. Best thing I ever did. It’s been 3 years now and I feel like my old normal self again. It will take time but you will come out the other side. You take care of yourself and if your friends and family don’t accept that then you don’t need them.

Peggy Wagner Trevenen
Megan, did you find out what caused stroke/TIA? I belong to another FB support group Vertebral Artery Dissection Support even though my TIA was caused by a vertebral artery occlusion (clot.) I have no heart, BP, or other health issues so doctors are scratching their heads as to how I got blockage.
What I’ve found in reading through so many comments from both this and other group is there may be similarities amongst us but we all heal, react and adjust uniquely. When at first I read about so many in the the dissection group complaining about anxiety, I thought perhaps it was because most with dissections seemed to have headaches almost non-stop, with neck and shoulder aches.
It then dawned on me that it could be in response to fear of it happening again or even worse. I’m not going to lie: I personally thank God every morning I wake up to another day. I refuse to live in fear which will rob me of joy. I try to find at least one or more things to make me laugh and smile. Smiling, by the way, naturally makes you feel more at peace.)
Do whatever it takes to set your husband straight. He may be trying to help in clowning around with you but our brains are amazing and complex. Damage to the brain requires lots of rest and keeping hydrated. Drink lots of water, and take time to relax at intervals through the day if you need and can. Even a 10 minute break from busy or loud will help your brain reset. Don’t try to “be strong” and push through. Try to recuperate. BTW, some others have found relief from headaches by using a chilled gel cap you can wear. Others use eucalyptus or mint roll-on at temples and base if head.
Give yourself time to heal, drink water and rest as much as you can. Tell the rest of them that at least FOR NOW this is your new normal they need to adjust to. Most of all Lord bless you. Try not to stress.

Peggy Wagner Trevenen
Oh, and crying is normal. This is a major event and trauma. It’ll get better with time, but getting emotional is a completely normal response, so don’t worry about it for now, okay?

Lani Kg
Nope, takes a while to recover. I experienced the same thing with my husband. He didn’t understand.

Bell Erin
Thank you all for your kind words. I can’t tell you how much better it makes me feel knowing that there are people who understand what I am going through and can relate. Blessings to you all

Leslie Roth-Monahan
Megan Bell Are you feeling any better today?
I hope you are having a restful weekend. I’ve decided to try to do a jigsaw puzzle to try to concentrate more. Wish me luck lol.🙃

Bell Erin
Leslie Roth-Monahan I’m feeling so so. Still bad headaches and I have almost fallen twice so I’m just taking it easy. Good luck on your puzzle
Post a picture of it! How are you feeling?

Leslie Roth-Monahan
Megan Bell Trouble getting up from low chair this week and some fuzziness but feeling better as time goes by. Felt well enough to drive as I’m getting my confidence back. Thank you for asking.

Sheetal Mukherjee
You are much stronger than you think. The fact that you are looking for a solution. For support. The fact that you are aware and acknowledge, this makes you so much stronger. You will get better by the day. I had TIA 6 years ago. Just remember to not be harsh on yourself. Give yourself all the time. Sending lot of courage your way 🙂

Debra Torres Linton
You are not alone. I had a severe headache just PRIOR to my TIA. I never get headaches, so it was unusual. It also took me several months to feel ‘normal’ again. I found that it is hard for others to understand how you feel. I was very scared at first. Some of that has subsided, but I still have some fear of what may happen down the road. Hang in there!

Rita M King
Very very frustrating . I woke up with severe headache and gushing nosebleed the morning of my episodE . My symptoms have improved only slightly but the vis problem hasn’t gotten better and there are definitely memory issues . Some things I just cannot remember at all . Was told by one migraine specialist it was only a bad migraine . I know that a bad migraine would have resolved by now The episode was on 12/30/19 here we are in February and I have a 24/7 migraine and most all the symptoms of having had a TIA

Charley Rance
Hi Megan. How are you doing?

Bell Erin
Charley Rance thank you for asking. I am doing so so. I have a hard time sometimes Expressing what I am thinking so that has been tough. I started working again and had to be shown some things so I could remember them. I am lucky because my job has been very helpful. Unfortunately the insurance company is giving me a hard time. Saying that my hospital stay was unnecessary. They say I could have been monitored without being fully admitted. Like I had a choice in the matter. It’s so unfair to do this to someone that can possibly have a larger stroke because of stress. So trying to get back to normal life with headaches but thank God no paralyzed limbs.

Charley Rance
That’s great you are back at work and have a supportive employer. Shame about the bloody insurance company. Glad you have no lasting physical effects. Be kind to yourself x

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