I had a TIA and then another at the hospital an hour and a half after the first

I had a MRI 2 hours from the first TIA and a CT scan and another MRI 16 hours after that.

How many people had warning signs before your TIA? How long before hours , minutes ? And what were your warning signs?


Jennifer Briginshaw Musique
none …31 st Jan 2018.

Neil Wright
No warnings for me. Out of the blue. The last one was during a work meeting

Sara Tilapia
I was having severe migraine like headaches that would last for a few hours plus elevated blood pressure

Brandi Moore Hagadone
No warnings for me

Jennifer de Vries
Massive headache like nothing I’ve had before. It woke me in the night before I had my TIA.

Danny Zak
Came out of the Blue. No strange feelings before except fatigue

Ian Allan
Nothing at all. Just woke up on a Sunday morning and right leg wouldn’t work I did have very high blood pressure for a long time before along with a pot diet etc. October 2016.
Pre Wolfe
No warnings.

Mark Goodbody
No warning signs for me, totally out of the blue.

Jude Brown
Nothing, I guess a TIA is the warning!

Mary Morelli-Lortt
No warni gs. Was upset talking on the phone then felt like too much air was coming in my mouth. Looked in mirror and my mouth was sagging on the right side. I do think I had a tia before this one and passed it off as my leg fell asleep while I was walking. All of a sudden i couldnt not walk on the top of my left foot. I sat down and it passed and I never throw even mentioned it to anyone.

Rikki Davis
No warning sign, was shopping when I got a strong quick headache then my foot went numb and it started to travel up the left side of my body.

Tina Watson-Green
I had no warning signs for the first one. I was talking on the phone when I suddenly began to slur. Confusion & headache followed. The second one 2 weeks later I was making oatmeal when I became dizzy & had a warm feeling from head to toe then I couldn’t speak. Confusion also followed.

Katherine Mitchell
I feel like mine had no warning at all.

Mary Aunchman
i start to feel a slight tingle in my lips that spreads to the right side of my face and head, then goes numb and spreads down the entire right side of my body

Sue McGurn
24 hours before it happened, I felt as tho a cannon ball had fallen from one side of my head to the other. I was in bed at the time and just turned over.

Colleen Chuipek
just feel funky…not grounded…your body just feels OFF!

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