I would of presumed if I was to see anyone it would be a Neurologist

Is this normal practice?

Hi, sorry, me again 🤦🏼‍♀️……
I’ve just received an appointment to go see a Neurosurgeon. Is this normal practice? I would of presumed if I was to see anyone it would be a Neurologist 🤷🏼‍♀️. Thanks in advance. (I actually cried when I opened the letter because I’ve not been seen since my initial appointment 2 days after my tia & have felt a little abandoned)


Jennifer de Vries
Did you ask why? Have you contacted your primary care giver for a reason? No one here can diagnose or offer you advice about your treatment. Be sure to follow up with the questions or concerns you have.

Terry Greene
Make a list of questionx..

Ali Son
My comment was removed by admin and so I will rephrase it. My neurosurgeon has been exceptional in the coordination of my care. I’m in very good hands.

Lisa Wraight
I was sent the appointment in the post. I can only assume I wasn’t seen again after my tia clinic appointment with all my tests due to the lockdown with Coronavirus I spoke to my gp over phone & she had told me there was no structural damage to my brain. Maybe just to see how I am? I just thought it would be a neurologist not a neurosurgeon. The man I am seeing specialises in brain tumours and hydrocephalus so I’m a bit confused x

LaVonne Lawrence
Lisa Wraight I would definitely call their office on Monday. They just know that you deserve the best of the best 😉 Did anyone go over your previous scan with you? I will say I’m at a private practice, and things have been so crazy for us. Constant shifting gears.

Lisa Wraight
Thanks Lavonne. I’m in Scotland so things a bit different here, we still have NHS thankfully. No with covid, all I’ve had is my gp tell me results over the phone saying my mri Scan has shown no structural damage and my lupus wasn’t active at the time, cholesterol was v high for my age and was to go on meds for life. Be nice to actually go over everything with someone in person. I’ll write all my ongoing symptoms down and any questions I have. Now to wait till August! X

Jennifer Omillian
I haven’t seen my neurologist since the hospital but have continued to see my neurosurgeon every 2 weeks since my stroke 9 weeks ago

Lisa Wraight
Jennifer thank you. Every 2 weeks, wow! I hope you’re ok. X

Darcy Mcmann
I personally wouldn’t be too surprised to get an appointment with a neurosurgeon at the moment considering how much surgery is being cancelled because of the virus. After my TIA there was a bit of a wait before appointments began so that also sounds familiar.

Lisa Wraight
Darcy thank you

Hellen Rachilla
My first attack I was seen by both neurosurgeon and neurologist while in hospital. I have seen my neurologist for a follow up last week. I had a small speck of blood on the right side of my brain. All my Doctors tell me it has gone away but I still have weakness in my left hand and arm. Still know explanation as to what happen but I am getting better. Taking baby aspirin and blood pressure med daily. Hanging on to my faith in God . 🙏❤️❤️

Lisa Wraight
I got a phonecall today from the consultant at stroke dept to say that even though stroke wise my mri had shown no structural damage, unfortunately it has shown my pineal gland in the centre of my brain is ‘bulky’ so that is why I have been sent neurosurgeon appointment . Now I have to wait till August 3rd to find out if it’s s tumor or not & what plans they have for me. I’m scared, devastated, worried. Apparently they have been trying to contact the neurosurgeon to find out what they should say to me but can’t get a hold of him. Thanks for listening x

Rita M King
This entire process has been very frustrating, frightening and confusing. Especially with a brain that’s not working well after the TIA. I’m wishing and praying for all of us to find the answers we need. Thanks for sharing your stories. I had no idea about the neurosurgeon but that does make perfect sense in many cases.

Lisa Wraight
Rita M King thank you. I’ve had another call since saying in their board meeting they have decided to bring my appointment forward 5 weeks earlier, so now I’m being seen end of this month. Thank god because I’m going crazy in my mind with all the ifs and what’s x

Rita M King
Lisa Wraight , yes, we’ve got to be our own advocate and push for these things. Good for you! Keep us updated 🙏

Lisa Wraight
Rita I will. Had urgent referral for heart monitor too. Going in tomorrow to get strapped up to it and it’s on for 5 days

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