Is any of this sounding like TMD and if so what works to ease her pain and discomfort?

More recently she has seemed more anxious and fatigued

Hi All,
Send me off if I’m in the wrong place but today I googled a collection of issues that my 15 year old daughter has experienced over the years and it led me here???
She was born with a clicky hip – always been told no action required but it gives her sporadic severe pain on the left side.
She has always ground her teeth ridiculously- through the guard.
She has a painful clicky and popping jaw on the left side but only a slight mis alignment of her bite!
She has always suffered headaches which have been put down to severe astigmatism causing terrible eye sight
She has a sporadic toe issue that we have never got to the bottom of (closest thing seems to be crossed over toe)
She hasn’t grown for years
She has in the last year developed a severe Dowagers hump… this I realise can be a physical response to an emotional problem –
She grew up with a malignant narcissist (amongst other mental health issues) father and she has always been his scapegoat! Don’t judge me !! It’s a very difficult situation, she was well protected by everybody else and has always felt adored but not by him at all!! I left him a year ago and we are successfully healing
More recently she has seemed more anxious and fatigued but I have attributed that to the difficult divorce and our necessary relocation etc !!
Is any of this sounding like TMD and if so what works to ease her pain and discomfort?
Millions of thank yous in advance


Hanna Östman
But yeah, clicking in the jaw is a sign that the disc pops on/off the condyle when one opens/closes the mouth. What about her neck amd jaws muscles, any tension?

Chahira Safar
Yes definitely neck tension !! X

Lindsey Norbury Russell
I had a Narcissistic mother so there could be a link as it causes anxiety in children. Also the astigmatism can cause corrective head turns which I believe isn’t good. Toe issues tend to go with hip issues.
Take her to a TMJ dentist.

Tammy Rosa
Me too!

Tammy Rosa
Please bring her to a TMJ specialist for CBCT.

Shannon McCahon Brown
Sounds a lot like my daughter. She could barely walk. She’s been wearing modified gelb and ALF for a year. No more body pain. Still waiting for discs to return to correct spot, but structural collapse is not effecting her anymore. She sees a cranial sacral dr. every two weeks as well. She sees Dr. Brown at Sleep and atMJ Therapy in Falls Church, VA.

Tammy Rosa
How long did it take for her ability to walk again came back? I’m in the same boat.

Shannon McCahon Brown
As soon as she started wearing her modified gelb, she saw improvement. Her first night sleep she woke up feeling amazing. We had to fly 5k miles to see Dr and get appliance so we were out and about being tourists and she was keeping up with everyone. Her allergies that started with the TMJD issues went away as well. She sees a cranial sacral Dr regularly to keep her atlas in place.

Shannon McCahon Brown
She was always able to walk, it was just painful from head to toe. Specifically knees, hips, neck, feet, ankles, etc. She physically can’t stand up straight when her atlas is out so that is key also.

Chahira Safar
Shannon McCahon Brown my daughter has always had severe nose bleeds that have always put down to allergies ( hay fever ) could this be related ?? X

Tammy Rosa
Shannon McCahon Brown I see. I have difficulty walking. My atlas is so hard to get to stay!

Katharine Christian
Is she hyper mobile?

Chahira Safar
No ! If anything her joints are a little restricted – like her arms are not quite long enough for her frame !!

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