Is having anxiety attacks normal after a tia?

Someone please tell me this is normal!

Just curious – is having anxiety attacks normal after a tia? I had one 3 weeks ago and my emotions have been all over the place since. Also, I’ve been back to the ER twice with chest pains. All the tests show no cardiac issue. I feel like I’m going crazy. Someone please tell me this is normal!


Donna GM Bush
Completely normal, it’s a anxious time for you. It will get better x

Elizabeth Patterson
Yes its normal

Jeanette Hardie
TIA December 2019 and I’ve had these constant 24 hour a day palpitations since. I can hear blood pounding in my ear all the time it’s awful. They just keep changing my blood pressure meds

Ian Allan
Yes it’s normal and will pass. If your overly worried talk to your doctor they will put your mind at rest but please don’t google search it will only make you more anxious. Take care

Denise O’Flanagan
Oh I feel your pain. It’s a dreadful time. Before my TIA I never suffered from anxiety but for 2 years after my TIA I had panic attacks, chest pains, very emotional…I thought I was going to die young and leave my kids with no Mother. There is not enough support for people after they recover physically. I definitley suffered from PTSD but I’m doing great now, 3 years on and I’m nearly back to my confident self. I still have wobbles though, it’s all normal. Sending positive vibes your way, it’s so hard. X

Naomi Voss
Denise O’Flanagan leaving my kids with no mom has been my biggest worry

Denise O’Flanagan
Naomi Voss I know it is terrifying but here’s how I now look at it. We had a scare, a minor issue which resolved itself and has not left any long term issues. We are now on the Drs radar and will be monitored for the rest of our lives. Since my TIA, I have had a friend who lost his gorgeous wife in a dreadful accident, friends of friends diagnosed with cancer etc. My point is this, everyone gets handed challenges in their lives and I know it is hard to see right now, but what happened to us is not the end if the world. You will regain your confidence again I promise and there is no reason why we shouldn’t live a long and happy life. Xx

Cynthia Deutsch
Same experience. Hopefully will pass

Naomi Voss
I think so. They put me on Buspar for anxiety but the side effects right now give me anxiety because it’s causing me visual disturbances which is how my TIA presented. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Leigh R Pack
Thank you all! I feel less crazy now. I feel like the doctor should have prepared me for this.

Lise Waring
I was so anxious and worried after my TIA , but it’s been 5 months now and I have now relaxed and think positive and looking after myself. It will pass

Rod Pratt
I know that feeling I had temper bursts as my brain had to re map itself and I couldn’t find the right words quick enough when asked questions but it got easier over the weeks, it’s a case of patience and time, just tell people that your brain has to find new communicative pathways so sometimes you will get frustrated
Lots of rest as it takes lots of energy to do this
The stroke association has lots of good info for you and family and friends to understand what you may be going through.
Good luck hope this helps ❤️

Rita M King
It’s my new normal 😔

Mallorie Yance Petrusson
Rita M King I understand. My anxiety was almost unbearable for months after I had mine. I thought I’d never feel like my old self again. I do now!! Please know there is hope. I got on the right meds (blood thinner) to prevent and have felt great!

Kathleen Heath Sullivan Meyer
Suspect Lyme.

Karen Giller
I am 2 weeks post tia and called an ambulance the other night turns out it was anxiety it was very scary so I understand how you are feeling. I have since looked at relaxation apps and started talking more about how I’m feeling which helps a lot. Take care x

Denise O’Flanagan
Karen Giller I was the same, twice in A& E, one ambulance ride. It’s very scary, you feel so vulnerable after the TIA. I really do think there should be more supports in place for people following the event. I’m glad you’re feeling back to normal again.

Maureen Moslen
Totally normal. My pcp saw me virtually the week I came home from the hospital and prescribed something to take as needed for anxiety as my biggest fear was having another episode. That was in April and every month that passes, the anxiety eases. I still don’t spend as much time in the room it happened in yet (craft room) but it’s getting easier. Give yourself time, you are totally normal!!

Mare Bare
Definitely normal. It’s going to take a while to feel at ease. Give it a little time.

Marilyn Maxine Martin
Yes. After my Tia I was back at the er. If my Bo was higher than normal I was there. One hospital person told me it’s like being in a car wreck. Once you wreck your car you notice everi little noise. Don’t disregarded all symptoms, but you will relax and come back to “normal”.

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