Is this an appropriate place to ask about children with possible RLS?

Does this sound like I should investigate RLS?

Thank you for accepting me into the group. Is this an appropriate place to ask about children with possible RLS? I understand that it follows in families. My Dad would kick and ask us to massage his legs when we were children. I am hyper mobile and have attributed that to the reason I need to move so much.
My daughter (now 6) from a baby would try to relieve an uncomfortable feeling by going rigid and wiggling her legs. Now 6, she says she has wiggly legs and needs to kick around until it subsides. This is worse if she is upset/stressed/worried and at night.
During the night she moves frequently and has to wake up to get up, walk around to ‘feel ok’.
Does this sound like I should investigate RLS?
For me, whether it is hyper mobility or RLS, I accept I sleep little and move a lot. I have taken amitriptyline, gabapentin amongst others in the past but choose not to at the moment as a single mum! Just too woozy for me at times!
Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read xx


Heart Doe
Please feel free to ask as many questions as you need to
Firstly from my experience as a child can I say how lucky she is to have a parent that isn’t brushing it off as growing pains or in my case adhd
Understanding the condition, learning coping mechanisms and making sure her school can understand and adapt certain things
and eliminating/ addressing known triggers are the key things you can do for a childß
At school I really struggled to sit for long and it really affected my ability to concentrate so asking at school if she can sit at the back of classes etc so she can stand without disrupting the class and be able to work at a standing desk / counter top when needed
Making sure the teachers are educated so she is never singled out or made to feel embarrassed
If there’s a situation where she can’t stand teach her to clench alternate bum cheeks as this can trick the brain into thinking you are walking
I find it great for travelling and when trying to sit during an attack
Yoga/ stretching can help
Blood tests for deficiency including ferretin which isnt always on a standard blood panel but for a lot of people with rls is their issue
If you can get her away from processed foods including sugar and do some basic trigger elimination like nightshades for instance or grains /gluten it won’t hurt
A lot of us find certain things make our rls worse without being the root cause so being able to identify any when she is young will be a huge benefit to her in the future
Massaging feet/ legs can be very soothing during a bout of rls alongside warm baths anything really to keep her calm and relaxed as the more you get upset and stressed about it the worse it can get

Jonna Olsson
Yes, my daughter has it too…. For know its under control with supplements for children (all the vitamins and minerals) but sometimes it acts up in school but she has a large rubberband under ur desk så she get resistans when she moves her legs.

Caroline Elms
Jonna Olsson Thank you. The suggestion of a resistant band at school is particularly helpful. As she progresses through Y1, she is more desk based and talks more about her wiggly legs at school.

Robyn Smith
I had painful legs as a child and had to move my legs in bed at night. It has never stopped on Sifrol now that works well for me. Get her to a Dr it is terrible as an adult but a child is much worse. Poor baby xxx

Claire Demarest
Hi Caroline, wow, that’s tough for one so young! It sure sounds like it. Take time to find a neurologist that specializes in children. And good for you for taking her seriously!

Caroline Elms
Claire Demarest Thank you! I hadn’t considered a neurologist. A good place to start researching x

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