May have anxiety attacks

Go and see a doctor / consultant as soon as possible.

Hiya im starting to think ive had a few of these befor, yet never really noticed them for what they are, im thinking when they happened befor it may have been anxiety attacks which is why i ended up the way it is today.


Ian Allan
You need to go and see a doctor / consultant as soon as possible.

Cheryle Morris
Thankyou i am currently in hospital, i feel i didnt write my post correctly. I was basiccally saying my anxiety attacks from my past could of been A.Fib im learning quiet alot after my TIA the AFib..

Char Smith

Yup I had a few but didn’t know it.
Same as you I thought anxiety and doctors told me it was depression.
It wasn’t until I had one that made my face droop that my self and the doctor took me serious

Cheryle Morris
Yes i lost my speech and very weak, the got out of hostpital then went back in for Afib ughh. Not been a fun near 4 months justgot out again after a week in there. Over it

Beckie Rose Buchko
I’m about to discharge the hospital after my “first” TIA, and I am also wondering if I’ve had smaller ones in the past and didn’t realize. At least now we are aware!

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