May have possibly been a TIA

I had a very horrific experience this past Monday night

Hi! Thanks for accepting me into the group. Warning: long post! Gotta get this off my chest somewhereI had a very horrific experience this past Monday night that the ER brushed off as a reaction to Topamax, but may have possibly been a TIA. I’m emotionally a wreck over it and didn’t know where else to turn to talk with anyone who might really understand.What happened Monday night (just to explain): I had taken my first dose of Topamax (100mg dose) that my gp had prescribed for severe headaches I had been getting lately (I had an MRI that was normal and she also referred me to a neurologist whom I haven’t seen yet). I was woken up by thunder and noticed I felt really disoriented, my forehead was itchy, and the rest of my face was both numb and tingly. I stumbled out of bed into the bathroom thinking I needed to see if I had a rash on my face, and I couldn’t recognize myself in the mirror. My arms and my chest felt heavy and like they were going numb, my depth perception was completely messed up. My coordination was a mess. I felt like I was about to lose consciousness at any second. So I screamed for Matt to call an ambulance and said I thought I was having a stroke. My speech was very slurred. When the paramedics showed up, I had trouble answering questions, my blood pressure and pulse was very high, and I could barely walk. They took me to the nearest ER, which is the worst in the area. No testing or monitoring of any kind was done on me when I got there. Didn’t even give me a hospital bracelet. I arrived alone since my husband stayed home with our sleeping children and my grandma was on her way. They left me alone in the room to “sleep” without even putting the call button on my bed.I was discharged less than 2 hours later, even though I still had symptoms going on, and the doctor just said, “It’s just the meds. Sleep it off and follow up with your doctor.”My blood pressure wasn’t re-checked. They didn’t offer me a wheelchair to help me get to the car (just left me and my nana to fend for ourselves). I could barely walk and had no shoes on to boot. My face was still numb.It took 2 days before I could walk mostly normal and the heavy tingling in my face finally went away. I still have a weaker grip than normal and I’m more tired and forgetful.I am terrified of it happening again, or having a full-blown stroke. I’m higher-risk for it in general with other health conditions. I feel like I’ve been ignored by the ER doctor and my gp (turns out that dose was a pretty high dose of those meds, it is known to interact with another medication of mine AND I have a history of med sensitivities and allergies). Anyway, sorry for rambling. It may not have been an actual TIA or it may have been. I’m a mess either way


Heather Carter
Matt= my husband, btw

Kevin Penfold
Hi Heather, I would try and see your Doctor again and go over it all with them. Even try and get a second opinion maybe. All the best, Kevin.

Monica Smith
I am sorry you were treated this way Heather Lynn Carter Âû its not good enough. I must be honest the ER i went to were amazing and helped me a great deal. the put me on a high does of blood thinners whilst there an a prescription for normal dose to take home from the pharmacy. They did a few tests and made arrangement for an app within the next few days for a special TIA clinic checkup with a consultant . I had a cat scan and my brain was clear, I had a ultra sound scan on the carotid arteries in my neck with showed a narrowing one side. Anyway just mentioning what I had done to show not all hospitals are so insensitive. Go to your GP again and say exactly how you feel about it all. btw are you still taking the medication that they said upset your system ❤

Heather Carter
I didn’t take the new meds again after that night. I had a brain MRI done a couple weeks ago that was normal, so I’m wondering if that’s why my gp wasn’t concerned about what happened? I’m thinking I might call the neurologist’s office to tell them what happened (my appointment with them isn’t until August because they book so far out). My husband told me to get a new gp too

Rebecca Dunbar Wells
I am sorry you had such poor care 🙁 you need to be thoroughly checked to be sure you are ok as it could have been a TIA. My A and E (ER) was a similarly poor experience but fortunately my GP is great. I am seeing a neurologist for a second opinion in September and am on mini aspirin as a preventative as my GP says we can’t rule out a TIA. Get a second opinion and I hope you get some helpful answers x

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