Preparation For Your Post

As you near retirement age, you might be thinking more about the vacation on your yacht or taking off to see the grandkids than you are about any long term care you might need. However, proper planning ahead of time can ensure that you will have the dignity and respect you deserve as well as having your wishes known.

After retirement you are guaranteed pretty much only one thing – life is going to change. Some people choose to stay in the community that they have been in for so long, while others want to move to a climate they prefer. Some are able to live without assistance, while others take advantage of the different senior housing options like nursing homes, retirement communities, and senior apartments. Whatever you want to plan for, you need to start making the calculations for it before it happens.

One question you are going to want to answer is what the foremost consideration in where you live is going to be. Some people want to live closer to family, while others want to travel. Some have medical needs that determine where they want to stay, and some want to be around more people their own age.

Next, you will also want to consider the type of care that you are going to want to use, particularly if your health should start to fail. Some people prefer to go to a nursing home, while others may prefer assisted living or home health care. Some prefer to live in retirement communities where everything is geared for seniors, while others want to stay in their regular neighborhoods.

By considering these factors, you can make it easier on yourself when it comes down to the decision making time. For instance, if it should happen that you would need a nursing home right away because of a fall that left you with a broken hip, you may find that it is very difficult to find the perfect one if you have not planned ahead.

By planning ahead, you can make sure that minute-seeming details are considered in your plans. For instance, in the heat of the moment your loved ones might not consider how far the distance is to one nursing home and their houses versus another.

Planning ahead also lets you take your budget into consideration. Everyone has different amounts of money going into retirement, and different amounts of care that they are going to be able to afford. You will want to come up with a long term care solution that will allow you to live comfortably and not wonder how you are going to pay the bills. You will want to get an idea of monthly costs, as well as any hidden fees that might be incurred.

Whatever you decide as far as your long term care goes, make sure that your family and your doctor is aware of your decision. That way, in the event that something does happen, they can assist with carrying out your wishes and making sure that you are cared for in the way that you prefer.