TIA his speech is still affected nothing came back on the CTs and MRIs

My speach suffers & I get confused when I’m tried / stressed.

Hi it been nearly 8 wks since my husband TIA his speech is still affected nothing came back on the CTs and MRIs I’m really worried that it might happen again he’s 43 and gets frustrated because of the stuttering


John Keegan
Hi, sorry to hear about your health. I have had two strokes and multiple Tia’s and have been left with health problems. After a bad Tia I struggled to speak clearly and the ambulance tech was getting my wife to translate! It took me a couple of days to shake it off and speak again but I still sometimes struggle with getting the correct words. My friends just make a joke of it when I get it wrong. The most important thing is to relax and chill out as the more you worry the worse it gets. Good luck and hope you are better soon!

Julie Taylor
I’m 43 & had my TIA Oct 2018. No cause found & stroke clinic have now discharged me. My speach suffers & I get confused when I’m tried / stressed. Work colleagues furloughed so doing 4 folks jobs now. Have had to take a couple of days off re stress & re speach I’m trying to hide it as much as poss so no-one freaks out. I know its circumstances & it will improve. Exhausting trying to hide speach prob from hubby & kids! Would be better if I could just remember 4 yr olds name & stop calling dog the name of my previous dog who has been dead for 10 years. Sometimes its laugh or cry. Corona virus begone then my brain post TIA stands a chance! X

Sheila Cash
Julie Taylor I am exactly the same. I am three years post TIAS and still struggle especially when I am tired! It’s so frustrating because I try to hide it and it makes it 10 x worse. I started to take the mick out of myself and allow other people do it to try and see the funny side but sometimes I would get embarrassed. Anyway 3 years later and I am still the same. The extreme exhaustion is hard too x

Julie Taylor
Sheila Cash I have to take the mick when 2 people try to talk to me at once, i just can’t hear either of them. Do you find that difficult too? Sometimes I feel like I havd to remind everyone my brain doesn’t work as well now x

Sheila Cash
Julie Taylor all the Time, but because I desperately want to be the person I used to be I hate it when anyone makes a fuss or tries to do things to help me. My biggest issue is that I could sleep day and night! Xx

Julie Taylor
Sheila Cash me too. Wishing you well

Beverlee Pritchard Dugger
I know exactly how you feel. They updated my Keppra dose to 3000 a day. I THINK it’s helping . No problem since December 🤞

Kelly Michalek
I’m 35, mine was 2/20 and I’m am in the same boat. They keep telling me to give it time. I’ve stopped the shuddering but I have a hard time recalling names of objects.

Peggy Wagner Trevenen

Not sure if this will help your husband but I had read that singing, even something as simple as Happy Birthday, helps connectors/synapses in brain for speech.

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