What Diseases are Common Among Royals?

The British monarchy is quite old, making it a popular one as well. Many people are thrilled to see how the royal family lives and enjoys its wealth. However, it may be surprised how many of the royal family members have suffered from serious illnesses. And have died before their time. You will learn about what diseases are common among royals below.

Have you ever wondered what diseases are the most common among Royals? I’ve spent the last few months tracking down royalty from all over the world, so let’s find out!

What diseases are common among royals?

It’s important to note that being a member of the royal family didn’t automatically make you immune to disease. The most famous example of this is probably King George III, who suffered from mental illness during his reign.

But even those who didn’t have such severe issues still had their share of illnesses. And not just because they were living in unsanitary conditions. Royalty often has a lot more money than other people, but that doesn’t mean they’re not prone to disease.

Some of the most common diseases among royalty include:

1) Obesity:

Being rich doesn’t mean you don’t get fat! Just like anyone else, royals can become obese if they consume too many calories and don’t exercise regularly.

2) Stress:

Royalty has a lot on their plate – they have a ton of responsibilities that come with ruling over their country or family estate, plus they have to deal with constant public scrutiny (and sometimes even assassination attempts).

3) The flu:

The flu is very common among royals because they have so many people around them who are also near one another. If one person gets sick with the flu, others will likely get sick as well.

4) Common colds:

Common colds are common among royals because they tend to be around so many people at once and because they don’t want anyone else knowing they’re sick (in case they’re contagious).

5) Strep throat:

Strep throat is common among royals because their immune systems aren’t as strong as those who aren’t constantly exposed to germs like this one day after day after day over time without any breaks whatsoever!

6) Sleep Apnea:

Sleep apnea occurs when someone’s breathing stops for 10 seconds or longer during sleep due to obstruction from soft tissue blocking airflow into their lungs.

7) Scurvy:

Scurvy is caused by a deficiency of vitamin C in the body. This can lead to bleeding gums, skin problems and joint pain. It was common among sailors in the past because they didn’t have access to fresh fruits and vegetables during long voyages at sea.