What is the cause, nervous, or muscular one ?

Some people have no teeth and no problems so why ?

Hi everybody, I ask myself a question about all of you, because of my pain. How many patients have some neuralgia with their TMJD ? And what is the cause, nervous, or muscular one ? Dentists talk to us about stress. I am sure that it causes more trouble and maybe neuralgia is one of the consequences of stress (?)
I’m very surprise to show that patients have different things with TMJD but I ask myself about the link between stress and neuralgia. Some people have no teeth and no problems so why ?
Thank you for your experience


Julie Vandervelde-Moll
I have trigeminal neuralgia as an after effect of so many surgeries. I have cervical spine issues that cause upper limb parathesias too which they say is directly related to the TMJD issues.

Thelma Louise Davis
I had ON (occipital neuralgia) for the first several years – my head felt like it was in a vise, being squeezed or that there were several tight rubber bands wrapped around it and they were too taut – the throbbing was non-stop 24/7, it was quite horrible. Meds didn’t touch the pain, not even narcotics, so imo it was not muscular but structurally rooted. Most often people with no teeth lose them naturally, there is no trauma or damage to the gnathological structure, so the body can adapt to what is was like when we were first born (without teeth).

Suz Brill
That sounds like how my head has been feeling for the past 3 months.

Michael Burghardt
Deep overbite? Trapped bite? Forward head posture or upward head tilt?

Michael Burghardt
Lisa Lombardo, Stress can be from so many things, emotions, psychological, chronic pain and even a bad bite. The sensory feedback mechanisms of the masticatory system are more complex than most of the other body systems combined. The periodontal ligament around teeth provides constant sensory feedback to the brain, that is why if you get a filling done that is too high, your body will respond by avoiding the area. By avoiding the area, you may cause teeth in other areas to become sore. Similarly, if you have a rock in your shoe but are too busy to remove it, your body will accommodate to that by avoiding it, causing all kinds of stress to your postural muscles and body alignment. Your body is smart, it has learned to adapt to the bad bite but unfortunately this causes other areas of your body to become compromised all because you are accommodating to the bad bite. It alters posture, muscular function and your ability to relax (it is stress). Do me a favor, swallow your spit. Do your teeth come together when swallowing? With a normal swallowing pattern they will. Watch yourself swallow in a mirror and notice how your body moves when you swallow, it effects your head and neck. Well, you swallow just your spit upwards of 2000 times a day. Now, if you have to do that 2000 times a day plus you put your teeth together when you eat, do you think this will alter your posture, do you think that a bad bite could have a chronic stressful effect on your body. In my experience with treating chronic pain patients, they can suffer from pain in multiple muscles as well as other neuralgias.

Pepita Sapapailla
merci pour cette reponse ,je me pose souvent cette question ece un nerf ou le ligament qui me donne mes douleurs non stop depuis trois ans sous les dents numero 32 jusqua la dent 37 eme. ca a commencé avec un traitement orthodontique qui a duré seulement trois ans .vous avez des patients qui souffre du ligament parodontale ? douleur sans aucun repit ? a cause de l occlusion ou de l tmj mr
Michael Burghardt ?

Michael Burghardt
Yes. Oui.

Amit Alok Pandey
TMD earlier and after extraction Ortho, its TMD, neuralgia and many more issues. Stress to TMD related facial pain is like gasoline to fire. People with no teeth are old and they adapt. Sometimes, no teeth is better than wrong occluding teeth. Best wishes !

Shakuntala Pathak
i hv tmd with neuralgia…but i guess my neuralgia came with d extraction of wisdom whc was impacted or may b due to trauma of keeping my mouth open wide during d strenous surgery whc evn caused a some lock jaw for a small duration

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