Why should I see dentists and specialists for this issue rather than treat it as a Medical concern?

I am feeling very nauseous.

My dentist has referred me to a Maxillofacial pain specialist. The fees are $950 for the first appointment, plus an MRI, and none of this is covered by insurance. I’m feeling very nauseous. Should I proceed with this specialist or seek out help from my general practitioner?
Why should I see dentists and specialists for this issue rather than treat it as a Medical concern?


Aann Mmarie
Maxio facial is where I go to see about my tmj and who also does the surgery, a gp only knows general medicine and is not specialised in other subjects, sorry it costs so much 😔

Karen Castro
It’s so ridiculous what it cost to see a tmj specialist. My dental or health insurance won’t cover it. Meanwhile, I’m in horribble pain .

Liam Baker
The fees are astronomical in the USA!

Peter Zachariasz
Aus is just as much

Lisa Lombardo
C’est cher aussi en France – de moins en moins traité a l’hôpital. Honteux

Sheila Marie
I dont know how they sleep at night

EJ Zheng
That’s exactly it. These bloody specialists hey… I mean….years of blood, sweat, tears, sacrifices and dedication. And a shiton of exams, lost social opportunities and student debt.
How dare they charge so much for trying to treat such a silly simple thing that you could fix yourself right?

Sheila Marie

Jane Zheng teachers have the same years of blood sweat and tons of debt…hence I know…and they get paid crap…my husband gets bit, spit on, etc…so don’t tell me about sweat and tears

EJ Zheng
Sheila Zdunczyk Alger
EXACTLY! Keep up with the attitude of not doing ur research. You’ll go far in life 😉

Sheila Marie
Jane Zheng you’re sweet…have a good day

Brenda Kent-Smith
In 🇨🇦 no one covers it not medical not dental.. very frustrating

Rachel Windsor Cables
I had maxillofacial approved by OHIP. I’m not sure how they did it but GP said medically necessary and I got the referral.
I ended up pregnant before I could get appt and backed out on my end bc I was throwing up so much and scared of surgery.

Brenda Kent-Smith
Rachel Windsor Cables interesting. So few around here who even know about tmdj..

Marie Pierre
There is value in your issue being addressed by a multidisciplinary team that may not be the case with your GP.
The fee seems quite high but I can’t judge further as I’m not in the USA.

Lucio Englaro
Do you had a ortho with extraction of first bicuspid?

Jessica Barker
Yes, actually. Probably 10 years ago.

Lucio Englaro
Jessica Barker I think that your mandible is in a backward position due to the retraction of the upper front teeth , when the orthodontist try to close the gaps of extraction, for this reason tmj suffers of compression that leads to osteoarthritis with pain. This is only one of the possibility. Only a visit with cbct , mri and other strumental analisys could do a correct diagnosis.Best regards

Allison Vanwinkle
a general practitioner does not treat tmj tmj treatments are never covered under insurance general practitioners know nothing about tmj sorry but they wont be of any help to you they will just tell you to go to pain management is sad that we have physical pan and have to pay for treatment it all should be covered

Brenda Kent-Smith

Valerie Valerie
That’s seems abnormally high. I live in a very expensive area and the average for a TMD Specialist is $350-400 for the initial appointment.

Jessica Barker
What area do you live in?

Valerie Valerie
Jessica Barker Seattle

Jessica Barker
Valerie Diane I’ll start looking for real estate ASAP 🙂

Valerie Valerie
Jessica Barker Have you looked into a Oral Medicine doctor? They are MD’s and take insurance. I have a locked jaw with no history of TMD. If your issue can be coded as trauma insurance should cover it. I don’t know if you have a long history of TMD but thought I’d mention it.

Julie Vandervelde-Moll
Your medical insurance should cover the MRI. All of mi e were covered except 1 that was ordered by an unapproved provider. They just need to use ICD-10 medical codes not dental.

Pat Mineur
My MRI at least was covered by insurance. They just needed to code it to a specific code. Maybe your primary can at least help with that

Jessica Barker
I called this afternoon to confirm – MRI is covered by insurance. whew!!

Pat Mineur
Jessica Barker great news!

Su Rad
Try to find an lvi dentist/orthodontist in your area. They might be able to undo the constricted joints and fix your bite into a better position. I have the same background and same issues now. It’s due to a bad bite/malocclusion. I’ve also had surgery done on my joints, and it will not fix you. The root cause is still there.

Deborah Picone
I’m using a massage therapists specializing in neuromuscular and she has releaved my jaw pain and no more clicking I do go every three weeks to be readjusted and am so grateful.

Sally Wells Smith
My health insurance covers treatment. I’m in Indiana and no dentist accepts it except for one oral surgeon. My current dentist is out of network so Ins pays a lot less. I was driving to KY before my dentist retired because I was fully covered there.

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