Will The Abs Diet Give Your Man The Physique Of A Jean Claude Van Damme

The actor associated with Double Impact, Street Fighter, and a whole plethora of other action movies is known for his washboard stomach and rock hard abs. Although men are quite hesitant to discuss their diet needs and attempts with one another-let alone the women in their lives-they do in their heart of hearts wish to have that same ripped physique that will have women swooning as they remove their shirts.

Will the Abs diet give your man the physique of a Jean Claude Van Damme? Or is it just another quickly hyped diet that came and went and really nobody was any the wiser? It is interesting to note that the Abs diet is the brainchild of the editor of Men’s Health magazine and as such has enjoyed quite a bit of exposure in both the print, online and even television media.

The idea behind the Abs diet is simple: burn fat, build muscle, and do so by increasing the metabolism no matter the age of the dieting subject. While this may sound like a tall order and next to impossible to accomplish, those who would love to have the kinds of abs that are part and parcel of the Jean Claude Van Damme look are enticed to read on and learn more about this amazing feat and how to accomplish it.

A plethora of foods are identified by the Men’s Health magazine editor as being instrumental in kick starting the metabolism and keeping it burning. These foods are nuts, beans, green veggies, eggs, lean meats, low fat dairy products, wholegrain breads and cereals, olive oil, berries, and peanut butter. The latter, of course, is a staple in many a man’s pantry and thus will not make this a hard diet to follow. Another ingredient that needs to be added is protein powder.

The editor of Men’s Health magazine claims that results can be seen in as little as six weeks, and there are but few men who are willing to give it six weeks if they can just start looking like celebrity on screen fighter and hard body Jean Claude Van Damme. It is clear from the onset that the average man subsisting on white bread, caffeine, and greasy McBreakfast fare will indeed be shedding some pounds if he were to change his eating habit to include lean turkey bacon, whole grain oatmeal or cereal, and low fat milk into the morning routine.

Since the Abs diet does not rely on restricting calories but instead seeks to enable men to ingest a healthy caloric portion versus the usually fat laden meals and snacks, it is a fad diet that has a solid basis in real science and health. While the protein supplementation might appear to be a bit odd, it does stand to reason that a man who will eat healthier and also exercise his abs will require some protein to help build those muscles and while six weeks appears to be a somewhat overly optimistic estimate, there is little doubt that this diet could indeed work for the average man to become healthier, slimmer, and trimmer.